It’s Complicated: Scorned

There’s always a moment that changes your life forever, but some of those moments are more significant than others. One of the most significant moments of my life was when I received a hundred dollar bill; the other was my divorce; the latest is occurring right now.

Laila, the first woman I’ve loved romantically, epically cheated on me and I’m pissed to the nth degree. She seemed so vulnerable and pure when we met or maybe I was just enamored and ignored the red flags. Either way I’ve been blind to the fact that something wasn’t right. The day we met, Laila told me practically everything about her and Victoria’s relationship. The whole time emphasizing that she was done with Tori and moving on with her life. Maybe I should have asked her how recent their breakup was or made sure they were completely over before I let myself get involved.

All of that is in hindsight now, because a bitch is scorned and Laila is the devil in Prada and she needs to give me some answers about this fucked up situation she’s created. Shit, I deserve some answers.

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Reader Reviews

I absolutely love this book. It is a real love story as messy as it is. Some of the situations may have been exaggerated a bit however, we all have a story. It brought me back to my first love and that experience. Now that I am older,I realize I did some real dumb things but I thought I was in love. Great job Erika!
Erika Land has done it again. This amazing sequal to her first book, It’s Complicated, is just as good if not better than the first. Can’t wait for the next!
Steffinie B.
Great read! Definitely want to read the first book but my question is is there a #3. Or anymore books from this writer. Erika Land is going places!
Chanel Rhodes