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My ADHD Mind is a compilation of all my scattered, half-baked, and completed thoughts on life. I will talk about everything: my relationship with Corrissa, my finances, becoming a yogi, the ups and downs of my weight loss journey, mental health issues and daily tips that help me navigate life. 


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Here are some of the categories I’ve catalogued my thoughts under.

Financial Cues

Financial Cues'. I'm an artist and entrepreneur trying to keep it together financially so that I can retire early and travel the world with a back pack (I'm still trying to convince Corrissa about the backpacking). Anyway, the challenge is I want to ball out of control right now, and if you follow my youtube channel Lands Across America, you know that I have a shoe addiction. So as I fulfill my personal goals of winning an EGOT, while traveling the U.S. in an RV I need to make sure I follow a budget. So all of tips and tricks that I learn will be posted under financial cues along with some budgeting and financial education tips for you all. Ask me a budgeting question and I will try my best to find you an answer.  

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Vibration Nation

I think I'm becoming a Yogi. Vibration Nation is about my journey toward peace internally and externally. I have starting exploring my existence in the universe, different religions, and practices of ancient origins and I want to share that with you. Follow me on my journey of self discovery and share parts of your journey with me and your fellow readers by being a guest blogger.

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So couple with ADHD I have PTSD-post traumatic stress disorder and I have written a stage play PTSD and ME. It's a one woman play that is irresistibly lined with head-bopping rhythms and palpable poetry. The story is about my personal life, military experiences, and struggles with PTSD. I use poetry as a way to express myself and so I no longer feel stuck. Poetry has opened a door for me to express my feelings and provided a way to share my story. So every now again I will post a poem with a break down of the lines, my own analysis if you will.

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